Review: Que Bella Beauty Mask

Ciao, que bella! That was a quick nostalgia trip to Italian class last semester. What I’m reviewing this time is a beauty mask from a product line sold exclusively at Target (of course). The company Que Bella uses natural ingredients and inspiration to create affordable yet indulgent skincare products. The mask I am reviewing today is their Que Bella Purifying Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Mud Mask.


I bought the mask for $1.97 for a packet at Target. I’m gonna be honest with you – I know each packet is intended to be single-use but I have been getting two full-face uses out of each one! So for about a dollar a pop, this mask has already got me on that affordability factor.

The mask claims to treat inflammations and acne while eliminating excess oil and impurities. Applying of the clay-like mask was easy: it’s very smooth and its scent is faintly herby.


After leaving it on your skin for a couple of minutes, a slight tingling cool feeling with occur – that’s the tea tree, I believe. I read in Allure that you aren’t supposed to keep a clay mask on until it flakes and it super dry, but rather wash it off before it completely dries. I washed the mask off with warm water when I felt that it was heading towards the “dry” stage but still sticky to the touch. After patting dry, I could feel that my skin was cleaner. Unlike when I use other clay masks, I didn’t have to apply moisturizer on my face after washing it off, meaning that the mask didn’t completely get rid of my natural oils – which is a great thing!

I’d definitely recommend this product to others who have normal/oily combination skin and enjoy looking like a blue-faced freak once in a while.

Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré

What is that and how do you pronounce that?

Answer: It’s a really good moisturizer for sensitive skin, and I don’t really know – it’s French. No hablo French.

I first heard about Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré in an Elle magazine online article about the skin secrets of models (yes, I know, I have an internet problem). Then coincidentally, I got a sample tube of this cream in my Birchbox in January. I googled the crap outta this cream because I have really sensitive skin that will throw a tantrum with most moisturizers. After learning that this cream was originally intended as a pharmaceutical cream for babies’ sensitive skin, I decided it give it a try.

I applied it every night as a night cream (it doesn’t have SPF so I couldn’t use it for daytime). And voila – it didn’t make me break out! In fact, at that time in January, I was having dry patches around my mouth and chin from the dry heat (from the furnace in my house). I used this cream for two weeks straight at night, and my skin was noticeably smoother and softer (I’d use “supple” but that word is weird). I ordered a full-size cream from almost immediately as soon as I saw the results. (Update, April 7, 2016: this product is now also sold at Target).

My opinion on the product:

I read that mineral oil is the main ingredient, which is a very gentle, but also inexpensive natural moisturizer, so I am unsure why the cost of this creme is so high ($16 for 30mL). Also, this creme is really not bringing many additional benefits besides simply moisturizing (for example, it doesn’t contain or advertise anti-wrinkle, dark spot correcting, etc) so you can’t expect it to replace your beauty regimen.

However, this creme is really good at moisturizing! No greasy residue and it leaves your skin with a satiny finish (not oily!)

I found the perfect use for it: as a foundation primer!! Applying a dime-sized amount of Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré before your concealer and foundation will make your foundation look flawless, not streaky! I have uneven skin on my nose and this cream evens it out so that my foundation can look perfect!