Popish: March 3

Pizza pizza

If you’re still picking up the phone to order in pizza, you’re doing it wrong. Domino’s customers can get their pizza fix by ordering in a multitude of unique ways: tweeting or texting a pizza emoji, asking Alexa, chatting on Facebook Messenger, and ordering through Google Home. Current market-share king Pizza Hut has until now only had its website… the Hut just debuted pizza-ordering high-top shoes. Now you can gain shoe cred and reward yourself with a slice of heaven.


Who run the world?

In honor of Women’s History Month, our favorite paper towel man has stepped aside and been replaced with a woman – fierce red lipstick and all. Brawny updated its packaging this month and is using the hashtag #strengthhasnogender.


1101 1110 1100 0010 1010

If robots infiltrated the economy, would your job become obsolete? The researchers at Oxford have come up with the statistic that 47% of U.S. jobs could be automated within the next twenty years. Even though I am personally skeptical, I found the logic interesting. See if your job is on the list (looking at you, middle managers!) and tell me if you think this is a stretch.


Mamma mia!

Italians have got their feathers ruffled as news broke that their coffee will now be threatened by a green siren with two weird mermaid tails. Starbucks is opening its first store in Italia, the land that perfected the espresso. Howard Schultz’s company waited to open stores in 75 countries before finally moving to open one in Italy. It is a daring move, as Italians and their coffee come with deep traditions and high expectations. Local bar owners (in Italy, a “bar” is where one goes to “take” an espresso and nibble on brioche) aren’t too worried- they seem assured that both their shops and Starbucks can coexist since they both serve different purposes: one serves complex to-go drinks and the other is a no-frills part of Italian morning routine.



  • Tom Hanks sent an espresso maker to the White House Pres Corps (they need the caffeine!) with a note
  • Uber CEO argueswith his Uber driver. When video goes viral, the CEO pledges publicly to get help on leadership
  • No more blooms for Katy! Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry split, citing a need for “respectful, loving space.” As with any breakup, a new hairdois complete!
  • Rihanna wins the 2017 Harvard Humanitarian of the Year award for her work in the Caribbean, and she accepts the awardin a very RihRih way
  • Beyoncé can’t headline Coachella anymore because #twins so Lady Gagais yet again taking the place of Queen Bey (ahem,Super Bowl, ahem) #stillsalty
  • Paris Jackson, Michael’s 18-year-old daughter, has signed on with IMG Modelsand will have an acting role in a new Fox series called Star
  • Add this to book club: Barack and Michelle have signed book dealswith Penguin House for their memoirs



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