Popish: October 28th

Warriors of the Amazon

Amazon keeps us on our toes, doesn’t it? Amazon’s newest 10-second ads got commended for showing Alexa shine in lifelike, funny situations, and they actually got compared to Target’s 2011 ad clips of a similar nature. Another Amazon win: reading reviews has become an integral part of how we shop now. In a move to gain consumers’ trust; Amazon has banned incentivized reviews.


The sky is falling

Earlier this week, The New York Times printed a list of everything and everyone (all 282) Donald Trump has insulted on Twitter since declaring his presidency; particularly enlightening are the endless glowing reviews of Hillary Clinton. Tired of emails? The FBI launchedanother foray into Clinton’s emails. Either way you vote, our country will enter a new era on November 8th.



  • Do you really need that extra heater on? Ourplanet is at its hottest in 115,000 years thanks to climate changeexperts say
  • The new “The Dress”: these legs!“Once you see it, you can’t unsee it”
  • There are rumors that Drake and Taylor Swift are a thing now… no, Drake, noooo.
  • While it’s acceptable for girls to be tomboys, there is a huge stigma against boys wanting to do “girl things” – here we see anIrish toy company addefying the norm
  • That’s So Raven, my favorite Disney Channel show, is returning to TVsoon with Raven as a mother of two!
  • Vine, the company that brought you six seconds of crackling laughter at a time, is officially being shut down
  • This great Instagram postfrom fashion lifestyle site, Refinery29
  • It can be weird growing little humans in a world of constant media; here’s an articlethat tries to give parents structure on how to do it well
  • recipefor Monday night to practice for this upcoming winter


Peace, love, and pumpkin spice everything,



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