Popish: August 26

Beliebe me when I say I’m gone

Justin Bieber has deleted his Instagram after an ignited comment-feud with his ex, Selena Gomez. Basically, after posting a ton of pictures with a chick presumed to be his girlfriend, fans were posting negative comments to which Justin replied asking them to care for someone he likes like they say they care for him. Selena commented with a snarky “then don’t post pics of your girlfriend lol” message and it all went down from there.


I feel like Benjamin Button

Twenty five years ago this week, the internet was born as a clunky WorldWideWeb that could upload and download information (slowly) across the world. As the Web progressed, it got faster, shinier, more higher-resolution, and complex. Imagine what we can do today with internet! Happy quarter-century birthday to surfin’ the net. To put it in more shocking terms, the inventor of the World Wide Web is only 61 years old today.


Just to be Frank

After four years of impatient anticipation from his fans, Frank Ocean finally dropped his long-awaited music album Blonde (stylized as Blond) earlier this week. There was a lot of buildup and hype generated by fans who were stalking Ocean’s website, eager to see if any lines of code had changed. The drop of this album also highlighted tension in the music industry: Frank Ocean’s album released through Apple Music, highlighting the unfairness that can come with streaming services. It also was a big middle finger to Universal Music Group; Ocean dropped a “visual” album the day before Blond dropped, thereby fulfilling his contractual agreement with the label and cutting them out of profits from the much-awaited Blond that dropped the next day.  



·        A man goes on a honeymoon alone (#HoneymoonWithoutHoney) when his new bride misplaces her passport and can’t join him on their preplanned Italian getaway

·        Thursday marked fifteen years since the passing of Aaliyah, credited to be the angel of hip and R&B, even posthumously, after her untimely death in an airplane crash at the age of 22

·        The United States Postal Service is releasing a stamp this October in celebration of Diwali, the New Year/”Festival of Lights” holiday that many in India and the Indian diaspora celebrate

·        Forget the lazy millennial stereotype. A study published about by the HBR actually shows that Millennials actually have stronger work ethics

·        Rent the Runway, a site that lets you rent dresses and accessories, has turned to Snapchat to better answer their customers’ questions on fit and style when picking clothes online


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