Popish: August 5

Being an Obama

Barack and Michelle Obama’s daughters’ “how to be a good human” training starts young – Sasha Obama, 15, is working her first summer job at a seafood restaurant. Teaching the value of money and a strong work ethic are important, no matter whose kid you happen to be. Speaking of the President, last night on his 55th birthday, he published an essay he penned on raising his daughters and being a feminist. Must read!


It’s Britney, Beep

The Queen of pop is releasing her ninth studio album, called Glory, on August 26th on Apple Music. She called it “a beginning of a new era” – excited to see which celebs she collabs with on this one! (I heard whispers that Rihanna will be featured!)


Precious Cargo, or Not

A Wall Street Journal article about a very real and looming topic has taken the internet by storm. Probably the most argued-about topic in relationships that involve a man: cargo shorts. Women, most vehemently opposed to this polarizing article of clothing, express sentiments like, “It’s a reflection on me, like ‘How did she let him out the door like that?’“ Meanwhile, proponents of cargo shorts push the shorts’ practicality: “The pockets function for men like purses do for women.”


Golden Hour

After a tumultuous ride on the PR train, the 2016 Olympic Summer Games’ opening ceremony will begin around 7:00pm ET. Michael Phelps and his 22 medals will be bearing the United States’ flag. Who to watch: Simone Biles, American gymnast. How good is she? She’s got a move named after her! Biles is expected to take home about 5 gold medals this year – impressive!


*praise hands emoji*

Changing with the times is important, especially when it’s a language that’s used universally. Apple’s updating its Emoji keyboard with era-appropriate changes: adding a rainbow flag, girls rowing boats, boys in bunny costumes, and taking out the deadly pistol emoji and replacing it with a toy gun. These new Emojis come with the iOS 10 software update (expected to debut in the fall)


Oh, and Kim Kardashian’s Blackberry died and she’s in the market for a new phone: will be interesting to see how Samsung and Apple use this social media opportunity (if at all).


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