PopIsh: May 16

Sunday night plans

The Billboard Music Awards will take place this Sunday evening on ABC. The event is hosted by Ludacris and Ciara, and Madonna will be honoring Prince in what I am sure will be a heartfelt tribute to her good friend. The Beibs, Celine Dion, and Britney Spears are three of several artists in the performance line-up for the event. Someone in particular will go home with a bounce in their hair: The Weeknd is a finalist in 16 categories.

If you got a good thing going…

The internet has been freaking out over the new logo for Instagram. The new design is “more modern” but users are calling it basic and unnecessary. It’s always flattering when you have so many people so who fiercely care about you, and it’s best not to make them upset. Comments on the app’s Facebook page questioned whether Instagram even bothered to do any customer research before it updated its look. 

Let’s stick to texting

A British newspaper that insisted on being print-only has passed away after only 10 weeks of circulation. The goal was to target “lapsed” print readers with a five-day-a-week publication, sold for roughly 70 cents each. The fall of the print-only publication echoes the news industry’s decline in print revenue over the last few quarters. Readers are now accustomed to consuming free content online and on their cellphones, so a paid, physical newspaper seems cumbersome (and let’s be real, I bet you only pay for the Sunday newspaper for the coupons inside). 


  • Radiohead, the iconic band with a loyal following, gets mixed reviews on its latest album, A Moon Shaped Pool.
  • My man Drake stole the show (and some hearts) on SNL this weekend.
  • Italy, largely Roman Catholic, finally takes a step towards recognizing same-sex marriage!
  • This GIF has been spiraling around the internet and visually shows the global temperature change over the last few decades.
  • The Festival de Cannes (going on now) may be more known for its red carpet fashion, but the purpose of the event is to develop and celebrate cinema and emerging talent, within origins in 1932.
  • Homer Simpson took fan questions on Twitter last night.

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