Review: Que Bella Beauty Mask

Ciao, que bella! That was a quick nostalgia trip to Italian class last semester. What I’m reviewing this time is a beauty mask from a product line sold exclusively at Target (of course). The company Que Bella uses natural ingredients and inspiration to create affordable yet indulgent skincare products. The mask I am reviewing today is their Que Bella Purifying Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Mud Mask.


I bought the mask for $1.97 for a packet at Target. I’m gonna be honest with you – I know each packet is intended to be single-use but I have been getting two full-face uses out of each one! So for about a dollar a pop, this mask has already got me on that affordability factor.

The mask claims to treat inflammations and acne while eliminating excess oil and impurities. Applying of the clay-like mask was easy: it’s very smooth and its scent is faintly herby.


After leaving it on your skin for a couple of minutes, a slight tingling cool feeling with occur – that’s the tea tree, I believe. I read in Allure that you aren’t supposed to keep a clay mask on until it flakes and it super dry, but rather wash it off before it completely dries. I washed the mask off with warm water when I felt that it was heading towards the “dry” stage but still sticky to the touch. After patting dry, I could feel that my skin was cleaner. Unlike when I use other clay masks, I didn’t have to apply moisturizer on my face after washing it off, meaning that the mask didn’t completely get rid of my natural oils – which is a great thing!

I’d definitely recommend this product to others who have normal/oily combination skin and enjoy looking like a blue-faced freak once in a while.


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