I adopted a Tillandsia

Succulents are all the rage right now, especially in rubber dinosaur holders. In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, here’s a picture of what I’m referring to: cacti and other low-maintenance plants that people have been “adopting” and using as decor.


Generally, these neat little nods to nature are found in small local shops or Urban Outfitters, the crazy mogul who pretends to be a small-business hipster boutique. Knowing me, I am always seeking out what’s new, and once these succulents became too mainstream for me, I knew I couldn’t rock one in my cube anymore. Behold, I encounter a lady selling the next big thing at a booth at the Made Here market today: tillandsias!

Tillandsia is a genus referring to air plants – meaning they don’t have roots – native to the Americas. Not having roots is the main thing here; that means you can pick up your tillandsia plant and hold it in your hand or even arrange it with a group of rocks and not need soil! How does it gather nutrients? Through the air, with its nifty structures called trichomes (which also give the plant a nice silvery finish). Cutest thing? New, baby tillandsias are called “pups”! Currently, the Wikipedia page doesn’t have a section about them being used as house plants yet so I feel pretty hipster, no lie.

Here’s my new tillandsia!



One thought on “I adopted a Tillandsia

  1. tinawerro says:

    Ahhh you hipster!!! 😄 Your little new pet looks so cute & I love the modern glass house it resides in 😉 but most important: DOES IT HAVE A NAME YET?


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