How to Dress Like an Italian Girl

  • Italian women are envied worldwide for their style and iconic fashion. There’s just something sexy about Italian girls and their classy way of dressing.  What can the non-Italian learn about what Italian women look for when arranging outfits and about their style?

    Italian girls value clean lines, solid colors, and simple patterns. Edgy is cool, but worn naturally.


    Generally, an edgy outfit is paired with simple makeup and simple boots and red lipstick. Clothes are generally more refined and sophisticated than the average American girl’s style. Even ripped jeans are worn with kitten heels and a sleek hair, never a baggy t-shirt.


    An Italian girl is always mindful of her accessories as well, so a purse or sunglasses are never an afterthought but rather a deliberate decision.


    Leather? Classy, not gothic.


    These pictures from Milan Fashion Week illustrate the Italian ladies’ heavy emphasis on looking good and dressing well.

    This post was originally published on as part of Aditi’s Italian Culture blog.


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