I’m going completely (hazel)NUTS!

About a month ago, something devastating happened. I went into a Starbucks and asked for my regular drink.. and.. and they said… and they said they didn’t have it. It was discontinued, they said. “Why?!” I demanded. They didn’t know, they said, the Starbucks god must have not been happy with its sales or something, they said. (Before I go on, I’d like to admit that I know I sound like I have a pH level of 14, okay).

And that marked the death of our beloved hazelnut macchiato. I went into different Starbucks, asking if anyone had that coveted hazelnut syrup still in stock. I was out of luck. I asked baristas if they could replicate a hazelnut macchiato using other ingredients. “Yes I can do a caramel macchiato with hazelnut syrup.” “YES!” ….No; this was not the same thing. At all. I tried so many barista’s recreations of what they thought would resemble the extinct hazelnut macchiato, but this hazelnut macchiato connoisseur could sniff out inconsistency and flaws within one sip. I tweeted Starbucks to no replies. I pretty much gave up my Starbucks hazelnut macchiato search…

Until today. I was walking by a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and mused to myself, hm, I should try that place. Starbucks never replied to my desperate needs – they don’t care about me. I will turn to the other side and see what they have to offer. I walked up to the counter inside Coffee Bean and explained my dissonant state (I hadn’t had a hazelnut macchiato in about 3 weeks!). Immediately, the friendly hipster at the counter suggested I try their hazelnut latte. “Ok.. I guess” I said as a I prepared my taste buds for the worst.

But then my drink came out. It looked cheerful and happy to see me (I was getting delusional by this point). I asked the coffee-guy (are they still called baristas at non-Starbucks?) for a stopper so that I could save the heat of the drink until I got inside. After a short walk back to campus, I sat down with my hazelnut LATTE in one hand (not a macchiato) and stared at the sleeve of the cup for about a minute, silently apologizing to Starbucks in my head. Then I took a sip. IT WAS EXACTLY WHAT I HAD BEEN LOOKING FOR. (Cue Rihanna lyrics: “where have you been all my l-i-i-i-fe?”).

Thank you Coffee Bean, thank you.


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